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I am a fully Qualified Bowen Therapist - 


I believe in complimentary treatments with a passion,  we are all in need of conventional treatments from time to time, and those treatments are excellent in many cases,  however sometimes complimentary therapies are far more effective and without the use of prescribed drugs can produce some excellent results. The body has an incredible way of showing ailments, and listening and looking are the two major components I need to follow when a new or existing Client visits. 


You know your own body - how it clicks and ticks, but sometimes you also despair when what should be a small and easy task gives enough pain to stop doing that task, and that can affect your health and well being.  


There are no such things as miracles (so I am told) but I believe given symptoms that the Bowen Technique is a path to self health improvement. 


I have been a Bowen Therapist since November 2010 with extensive training prior to achieving the right to practice,  I have many repeat Clients for those with on going issues, that I can supply the pain relief they need as well as many new Clients who have a specific ailment  or issue, that may be resolved in 3 visits the minimum we all believe should be carried out before a review is done. If the treatment is not for you then as a true professional I will advise you to seek alternative assistance after all -we all respond in different ways to different things. 


I am a Trained  Bowen Practitioner via BTPA Bowen Therapy Professional Association  (original Registration number 31056) 

I am also registered with the European College of Bowen Therapists and have been since 2010 and have attended many  refresher courses that enhances the knowledge base I have with new information and studies that increases the portfolio of new techniques within the Bowen knowledge base. 

I am a fully qualified practitioner of the very relaxing Oriental Face Massage Technique

I have a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology  - Trained First Aider - 

Facilities are available that are peaceful - relaxing - easy parking and access for you to enjoy the Bowen Technique. 


My aim in life as a 'complimentary health practitioner' is to try to make all my Clients have the 'pain free life' within the area of my expertise, for as long as I can give that relief, and ever improve my own personal knowledge to pass on that expertise. 


Melanie Coe 

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