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Bowen Treatments continued 


Bowen Treatment and back pain - 


Think of a pain, any pain…what is it? Chances are it’s BACK PAIN if the statistics are anything to go by - and the estimated cost to the country for back pain alone runs into the millions of pounds.

People are looking more and more for relief through complementary therapies. But many of these can be expensive, as they often entail an extended course of treatment.

However, The Bowen Technique, which has only been available in the UK since 1994, is a terrifically effective and straightforward therapy that really does wonders for all types of back pain. Whether caused by accident, sport, too much gardening or too long spent at the desk, The Bowen Technique consistently sorts out the resulting pain and dysfunction in more than 80% of cases. Very good odds indeed.

It is clear why Bowen has become the therapy that people tell their friends about: it is supremely gentle, very relaxing, can be given through light clothing – and it works. Quickly, too – almost always the problem is resolved or significantly improved within less than 4 treatments. 

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